Star Wars Episode 0: The Requel

Session #6: Applemeez

On Tatooine, our heroes have set about investigating the Hutts’ involvement with Separatist weapon designers who created a plague on Mon Calamari and then fled to the Outer Rim. Led by Ban Tomiel, the Blue Ribbon Republic Task Force (composed of four soldiers from Naboo, “voice of annoyance”Doris Eek and triple-agent Darth Vader) decided to send Doris to find a contact and see whether she could get a job smuggling this bio-weapon off-planet.

She found Rodin the Rodian, a system-famous smuggler and criminal who is known to work for Guuda the Hutt. In a dark, shadowy corner, Doris met with Rodin and negotiated a huge payment for smuggling the plague from Tatooine to Naboo. She was watched, but Darth Vader was able to cause enough of a ruckus (“pork rinds!”) that they could escape.

In speaking with Deputy Director of Republic Intelligence Jor Torien, Senator Tomiel was able to discern that the weapon was likely to be armed with an explosive that would detonate if they attempted to transfer it to a Republic vessel, or possibly if they deviated from their course at all. She decided to fly first to Cloud City for refueling and for a chance to transfer “Draz” to their ship. Before they departed, Doris sent a contact, Richard, Tatooine’s Last Private Dick, on one more case before he retires, to investigate not only the criminal workings of Guuda the Hutt but also the criminal mastermind Rodin the Rodian.

In flight, Doctor Peetrov was convinced to begin dismantling the “package” after it was finally delivered, and made some progress without blowing everyone up. Once orbiting Bespin and docked with Cloud City, our heroes transferred “Draz” to their own ship. Too late, they noticed that another mysterious ship had docked with Cloud City as well, only to disappear into the black of space.

A hyperspace jump later they approached Naboo and determined to jettison a life pod with the “package” on it and let it detonate. Doris then attempted to deceive Latooka the Limbs, their Geonosian contact on Naboo. She did not seem convinced. Our heroes docked with a space station orbiting Naboo, and too late realized that another ship had docked there as well. They sent "Draz"’s technical droids to the energy core of the station to destroy the “package” thoroughly, and none too soon, as they were set up on by The Iridonian.

A furious duel ensued between the Iridonian and Darth, “Draz”, Doris and all four of Ban’s security detail. Handily overwhelming all but Darth and Doris, the Iridonian was able to cripple Darth and escape seemingly unscathed. Six security personnel lay dead, but the plague was destroyed by two irrationally suicidal technical droids.

+Ban Tomiel to meet with Obi-Wan Kenobi
+Guuda the Hutt makes a mistake!
+Unexpected Dick
+The Iridonian’s secret past is revealed
+The Jedi Council is keeping something from Darth


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