Hego Damask

Hego Damask is a Muun trader and Economic Advisor


Hego Damask is a powerful member of the Trade Federation and a separatist leader. CEO of Damask Holdings, a powerful cartel with interests in the Core Worlds – rare for a member of the Trade Federation. Not openly a supporter of the Separatists, he is serving as, among other things, Economic Advisor to the Galactic Republic.

He was most recently on an extended stay on Mon Calamari making high-level trade negotiations with the Mon Calamari themselves as well as the Quarren who are open to Republic rule.

Allegedly has connections to the Separatists. Even more allegedly able to raise the dead.

Recently, documents implicating Damask Industries’ involvement with a secret cloning base on Iridonia have been made public.

Hego Damask

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