Long ruled by the Hutts, Tatooine is far from the bright center of the Galaxy. It is a dry planet with only one small, highly salinated ocean and native species adapted to go without added moisture for months at a time. The exception are the bantha, who are not indiginous and must be cared for by Sand People or others or they die of thirst. The world is dotted with vast moisture-farms that draw what little water vapor there is out of the air.

The main starport is Anchorhead, an ancient settlement rebuilt many times over the millennia. Nearby is Mos Eisley, with Mos Shuuta farther away.

The largest physical feature on the planet is the Great Dune Sea, which is simply a vast desert on the opposite side of the planet’s lone ocean.

It is not known whether the Sand People or Jawas are indiginous to the planet, but both are highly adapted to the harsh conditions. While the Jawas are willing to trade, the Sand People are almost invariably aggressive toward interlopers.

The most widely known inhabitant of Tatooine is the massive Krayt Dragon. Many hunters have lost their lives trying to take one home as a trophy – which would be no mean feat, as Krayt dragons can grow as large as frigates.


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