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Current and Impending Issues

A War That Makes Sense
Plague and Quarantine

Concentration Camps/Gulags
Fall of the Republic
Dying Legend of the Jedi

Resolved Issues and Elements

A Supernova/Gamma-ray Burst Threatening a Planet
The Mon Calamari (Plague and Quarantine)
On Guuda the Hutt’s radar
+A sample of the weaponized plague is with the Hutts
+Pleasure palace security will be distracted
+Darth has a friend in the Jedi Order, Obi-Wan Kenobi
+Boorka trideo sent to Palpatine and Separatists both
+Unexpected Dick
+Palpatine knows Darrin Skywalker
+Darth Maul “plagued” by an old memory
+Ban Tomiel to meet with Obi-Wan Kenobi
+The Iridonian’s secret past is revealed
+The Jedi Council backs Ban Tomiel
+The Jedi Council gives Darth a task to redeem himself

Faces and Places


Guuda the Hutt, Rambo Calrissian, Kibba the Hutt (On Guuda the Hutt’s radar)
Senator Palpatine of Naboo, The Iridonian (A War that Makes Sense)
Kashyyk (Gulags and Concentration Camps)
Mace Windu and Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Dying Legend of the Jedi)
Ethril Palpatine, Bail Organa, Tikkesh

Common Species: Bith, Cerean, Droid, Kel-Dor, Mon Calamari, Rodian, Selkath, Sullustan, Togruta, Trandoshan, Twi’lek, Wookie, Zabrak/Iridonian


Clak’dor VII the Bith homeworld
Cloud City in low orbit around the gas giant Bespin
Coruscant one of the Core Worlds, a huge industrial city-world
Dantooine (The Fall of the Republic)
Kashyyk (Space Gulags)

New Story Elements

+An anti-war petition in the senate
+Mandalorians are bad, right?
+Redjii is actually a bad guy
+Darrin Skywalker is on the wrong side of the war
+Ban Tomiel, defamed!
+Guuda the Hutt makes a mistake!
+The Jedi Council is keeping something from Darth
+At which point Darth and Ban sitting in a tree…
+Galactic Stock-Dive
+Ban Learns an Inconvenient Truth


Core Worlds
Rim Worlds
Trade Federation


The original trilogy trumps other canon, but Wookiepedia is the resource I use for quick answers and reminders.

Fate Core rules are sampled here, and are also available for free online through the Fate Core SRD.

Main Page

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