Kashyyk is the home planet of the Wookie species. Large portions of the planet are covered by enormous trees, in which the wookies live. The surface is known as the Shadowlands, because so little sunlight ever filters down, and for wookies, it is synonymous with the world of the dead. Only the bravest venture downward that far.

As befits a vast temperate rainforest, Kashyyk does not have much land that is suitable for long-term agriculture in the normal sense. Everything that the wookies eat and use comes from the wroshyr trees themselves and the plants and animals that live in them.

Kashyyk’s low level of indiginous technology has meant that wookies have often been the target of slavers over their history, and also that those who are technologically minded are highly skilled at improvising and jury-rigging, repairing tech long after another species would replace it.


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