Tag: Outer Rim


  • Cloud City

    In high orbit around the gas giant Bespin, Cloud City is a gas-mining city that has grown through the years because of its lax tax policies. It serves as a haven for people who want to lay low, as well as their money.

  • Malastare

    The methane-choked, high-gravity homeworld of the quadrupedal Dugs has recently been developed to be a source of cheap fuel. Mining has become so extensive that non-natives can get around in the atmosphere with only a minor breathing apparatus. One of …

  • Tatooine

    Long ruled by the Hutts, Tatooine is far from the bright center of the Galaxy. It is a dry planet with only one small, highly salinated ocean and native species adapted to go without added moisture for months at a time. The exception are the bantha, …

  • Yavin

    Yavin is a gas giant orbited by 26 moons, some of which are habitable. The gas giant itself has no significant gas mining activity, as it is plagued by storms that would tear apart most ships. Yavin 4, Yavin 8 and Yavin 13 are the habitable moons. …

  • Cad Bane

    A famous bounty hunter of some repute. He has been hired to hunt down information about the Hutts, and to pin the secret weapons program on [[:boorka-the-hutt | Boorka the Hutt]].

  • Mandalore the Deathless

    Mandalore the Deathless is the new leader of the Mandalorians, who are resurgent in the Outer Rim territories. Many Mandalorians work as mercenaries, and they fight on both sides of the conflict between the Separatists and the Republic.