Tag: Naboo


  • Ethril Palpatine

    Born to the powerful Palpatine family on the planet Naboo, Ethril was one of four children. Rather than seek power on his home planet, he sought election to the Galactic Senate as Naboo's representative. As a young man, Ethril received training from the …

  • Ban Tomiel

    Born to a Nabooan political dynasty stretching back generations, serious-minded Ban has long aspired to fill the shoes of her father, who was a Galactic Senator before her. Despite Ban's devotion to and efforts to impress her accomplished father, he …

  • Jhee

    Jhee is [[:ban-tomiel | Ban Tomiel]]'s personal assistant on Coruscant, often given assignments that are over her head.

  • Latooka

    Latooka the Limbs is a Geonosian Separatist who was the buyer for the plague vial to be released on Naboo, previously working in the Geonosian Embassy. Unable to fly like most Geonosian females, Latooka had a long career as a high-class ovoproducer. …