Ethril Palpatine

Intermediary between the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Order


Known Aspects:

Jedi Council Liaison


Born to the powerful Palpatine family on the planet Naboo, Ethril was one of four children. Rather than seek power on his home planet, he sought election to the Galactic Senate as Naboo’s representative. As a young man, Ethril received training from the Jedi, as he was found to be force sensitive, but he discontinued his training to pursue a career in politics, believing that he could change the Republic for the better more easily that way.

Once in the Senate, Palpatine quickly rose in influence, being elected to the Commission on Jedi Affairs and serving as Intermediary between the Senate and the Jedi Council.

Though a diplomat, Senator Palpatine has been the target of occasional threats, and so he is never seen without two of his bodyguards, all in red with force staves.

Ethril Palpatine

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