Star Wars Episode 0: The Requel

Session #9: Poggle the Usurper

...a Grievous situation indeed


Darth Vader, accompanied by Senator Ban Tomiel, came before the Jedi Council. Master of the Order Mace Windu was not hearing his excuses, and tried to provoke a violent reaction. Unable to do so, he was in favor of simply sending Darth away until Yoda intervened and took Darth aside. In a meditation room with Darth and Ban, Yoda inquired further as to what had happened. He decided to give Darth a chance to try to redeem himself. The Geonosians had withdrawn from the Republic, and had refused to respond to requests for diplomatic talks from the Jedi Council on behalf of the Senate. In addition, the debate over Supreme Chancellor-hood was taking the attention of most senators. Darth was sent to see if he could find a peaceful solution, and he was asked to surrender his lightsaber as a token of his intentions.

Meanwhile, Draz Ikthisix took the opportunity to live the high life on Coruscant. He send a shipment of paraside-scrapers ahead to Geonosis, in an attempt to curry favor with the Geonosians on Darth’s behalf, and also spent a small fortune running attack ads against Hego Damask. He even went so far to publicly accuse Damask of attempted genocide. While Damask Industries stock is holding, it is unclear whether any of the damning evidence of the secret cloning facility on Iridonia will be connected to Hego himself. Meanwhile, the two engage in a war of words.

Senator Tomiel had a chance to meet with both Senator Ethril Palpatine and Senator Bail Organa, one unsurprising candidate for Supreme Chancellorship and one quite unexpected. Palpatine expressed concern for Darth’s inner conflict, and asked that Tomiel inform him if he has a similar outburst in the future, at which point Palpatine will have resources on-hand to intervene. Senator Organa of Alderaan tried unsuccessfully to convince Tomiel of the need for peaceful solutions by democratic means, despite the delays and possible cost. To him, the cost of war would be far higher.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, meeting with his old Padawan Darth, offered to come with him and be of help in the negotiations.

The Ebony Falcon landed on Geonosis and our heroes were greeted by a Geonosian honor-guard and a slightly late protocol droid. After being mildly offended by Darth’s attempts at diplomacy, the heroes were escorted into the august prescence of his majestic grace Archduke Poggle the Lesser. Diplomatic talks faltered when His Lessorship decided to let Darth negotiate directly with his new ally – General Grievous!

Backed by a dozen light battle droids, Grievous attacked the heroes. They dispatched the droids handily and Ban was able to contact the ship, briefly, and summon help. Grievous summoned a precarious wheeled vehicle and was attempting to speed away, laughing maniacally and coughing…


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