Star Wars Episode 0: The Requel

Session #8: The Iridonians

I got 144 problems but a Bith ain't one

The Ebony Falcon came out of hyperspace and immediately broke atmo, headed to Capital City on Iridonia. Things immediately went sideways, as Doris Eek decided to engage Capital City security fighters in a little shuck-and-jive. The Falcon was temporarily disabled and bounced to a halt. Before long, Draz Ikthisix was able to get it up and running again, as most of the damage was cosmetic.

Draz was able to track down one Steelo “Belvedeere” the Hutt, who sent him in entirely the wrong direction, resulting in an altercation with Iridonian police. Darth Vader gave in to his anger, and drew enough strength to kill another squad and a half of police as Ban Tomiel fled and Draz Ikthisix made contact with a Quarren who sold him access to a safe-house and then information as to where the Iridonian came from, in exchange for four pallets of platinum parasite scrapers.

As the others dealt with Darth, using a plunger-driven syringe-shooter firing Doctor Peetrov‘s anesthesia doses, Draz took his fighter out over one of Iridonia’s acidified oceans, seeking out coordinates. He found, after a brief run-in with a shield and some automated defenses, a vast, kilometer-square facility built from floating modules linked together in a vast network. He landed, bypassed the first hatch he found, and hacked into the system.

As they would later put together, Damask Industries built the facility over 50 years ago, and immediately began experimenting on Iridonian orphans, seeking out the strongest and then cloning them, with modifications. The experiments went on for years, resulting in Brood One and Brood Two, as well as a great deal of training in killing Jedi.

The heroes dealt with the automated droid defenders, violently and otherwise, and were attacked by the faciliy’s one living inhabitant, an Iridonian. Darth defeated him handily, gutting him with his lightsaber, but he was not The Iridonian.

Thanks to Ban Tomiel’s request for assistance, Obi-Wan Kenobi had already found the heroes and docked with the Ebony Falcon. He heard their story of what was going on, and they fled four incoming droid ships coming to pick up 144 life-pods. When they realized their mission, they turned around to attack, damaging one ship and downing another and destroying an unknown number of pods before forced to flee by superior weaponry.

Darth spoke with Obi-Wan privately, and at Ben’s encouragement, agreed to meet with the Jedi Council. The Iridonian from the cloning facility, kept alive and sedated by Peetrov, is still on the ship as they travel to Coruscant.

Meanwhile, the final vote for Supreme Chancellor of the Republic approaches, and Ethril Palpatine is one of the final candidates being considered. His main opponent is Bail Organa of Alderaan with the support of Mon Mothma of Chandrilia among others. Palpatine is considered the leader of the Realist faction, whereas Organa and Mothma are well-known Idealists. The Appeasement faction, led by Hutts and Quarren and others, sought to reconcile with the Separatists and accomodate them, but since word of the plague got out they have fallen out of favor.

+The Jedi Council backs Ban Tomiel
+The Council gives Annakin a task to redeem himself
+After which, Darth and Ban sitting in a tree



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