Star Wars Episode 0: The Requel

Session #7: In His Piscine Embrace

Senator Palpatine is a great guy


In which our heroes gather together after some time away, having recovered from their injuries. Darth Vader has a new cybernetic arm to replace the one severed by The Iridonian’s lightsaber. They decide to travel to Mon Calamari to investigate the source of the weaponized plague.

Upon arrival, Draz Ikthisix makes the acquaintance of one Hego Damask, powerful financier and the only leader in the Trade Federation to be openly working with the Republic. He invites Draz and Co onto his private pleasure submersible. While there two terrible discoveries are made – that Damask Industries was the ultimate source of funding for the Sea Lab where the plague was developed, and that Damask himself may have the power to raise the dead. He can at least appear to do so well enough to terrorize his crew.

The heroes left Damask, destroyed the listening device someone had planted on Draz, and made their way to Sea Lab. There they found information on the plague itself – that there is no vaccine and was never intended to be one, and that it is response to “midichlorians” or somesuch. There was also one important note in the visitor log to the station – one Darrin Skywalker, listed as Special Envoy on behalf of Senator Ethril Palpatine.

Sea Lab was attacked by unidentified Mon Calamari commandos (and one battle droid) and the heroes were barely able to escape before drowned. Doris Eek destroyed one enemy submersible and crippled the second, and rescued Ban Tomiel, leaving Darth Vader in the sinking installation. Draz rescued him, however, by hyper-oxygenating his body and then locking his lips over Annakin’s face, breathing for the two of them all the long way to the surface.

The two were treated at Mon Calamari Memorial Hospital for minor burns and hypothermia, and released back to Draz’s bottom-level penthouse. There they decided to return to Coruscant, full of evidence of Damask’s wrongdoing and suspicions even of Senator Palpatine himself.

Ban Tomiel and Annakin Skywalker met with Palpatine to discuss their findings, and he expressed concern and described his previous dealings with Damask. He then met with Annakin privately, offered some wisdom, and ultimately gave him a clandestine mission – get to Naboo through the Trade Federation blockade, find out the status planetside, and return to Coruscant.


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